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Training - Introduction

Keeping in view, the growing needs of industry requirements of well trained Hardware & Networking professionals, VM Infotech offers high-end training which meet industry standards par excellence. The list of courses offered includes HARDWARE, MCITP 2008, CCNA, CCNP, MCTS, MCPD, LINUX etc. We also provide corporate training for Banks, Colleges, and Government sectors and Corporate Training for companies depending on specific requirements.

On-Line Interactive Learning :

We believe in On-Line Interactive learning. That is to say, the problems or doubts which students often face, while sitting before a system is cleared by our staff as soon as they surface this way our students learn more.

Get experienced while Learning :

After extensive learning, we subject our students to Some Real Time situations (which is often created by our staff) and student left alone, to handle the situation, to overcome the problem, with his own solutions. In this way, he is getting experienced, even before the completion of course and is very much ready to seek the job with tremendous confidence.